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The Romani Elders

The European Roma Cultural Foundation (ercf) is an independent non-profit foundation registered on the 2nd of August, 2010 in Budapest, Hungary. The new body operates under an independent budget provided by the founder and the founding director of ERCF. The European Roma Cultural Foundation, the operational and fundraising body, exists to strengthen and widely promote the role of Roma arts and culture in the enlarging Europe (and beyond) as a way to fight against negative stereotypes and hostile attitudes towards Roma communities.

Press about the Elders

Ágnes Daróczi(HU)

Intellectual and activist

Ceija Stojka(AT)

Writer, Painter and Musician, Survivor of the Holocaust

Hans Caldaras(SE)

Artist and activist

Nicolae Gheorghe(RO)

Intellectual, activist

Romani Rose(DE)


Rosa Taikon(SE)

Silversmith and activist

Sandra Jayat (FR)

artist, Honorary member

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