The Romani Elders

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The Romani Elders

'This Initiative builds on the achievements of the Romani Elders who spent a lifetime in Romani activism. The European Roma Cultural Foundation – ERCF (  wishes to make sure that the achievements of The Romani Elders are not neglected or forgotten; their wisdom is utilized and re-invested in our societies. Europe is infested by “Roma projects”, but the knowledge, experience, and achievements of the Roma community’s elders are not explored, collected and returned towards Europe. ERCF and it’s generation of Roma intellectuals wishes to give these role models the attention and respect they deserve!

The Romani Elders and their Public Interventions advocates for societal changes for a peaceful and content future for all European Citizens. This is a truly cross-border initiative. It represents Roma in a higly competitive and contemporary manner. The encounter fosters mutual respect and awareness of cultural diversity. This inter-generational project ensures knowledge sharing, the continuity of ideas and the transfer of the ‘lessons learned’ which are all prerequisites for the improvement and proper programming for future European Roma cultural and political activism and theory. This initiative shall develop an inter-generational sensitivity which shall transform Roma activism and build the respect and the constructive examination of the European Roma past.




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