The Romani Elders


The Romani Elders

The ‘The Romani Elders’ – Initiative depends upon the generosity of donors for its continued existence. Donations are welcome and are accepted via bank transfers. The European Roma Cultural Foundation – ERCF maintains a separate bank account for the financial and administrative management of the ‘The Romani Elders’ - Initiative.

Account holder: European Roma Cultural Foundation - ERCF

Bank Name: K&H BANK ZRT
Account Number: 1040318-150526569-68521020
IBAN: HU40 1040 3181 5052 6569 6852 1020
Beneficiary Name: Europran Roma Cultural Foundation - ERCF
Bank Address: H-1051, Budapest, Vigadó tér 1.

Your donation will be acknowledged with an official letter.
Please, submit the below information to: 

Thank you for supporting The Romani Elders!
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